For us to be able to initiate the process of writing your new resume, please send us the information requested on this questionnaire.

This questionnaire is divided into 5 parts and will require approximately 30-60 MINUTES.

Please read and answer each questions thoroughly to avoid potential delays in drafting your resume

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Question 1. Name:
Question 2. Address:
Question 3. Contact Information:
indicate just one number where you can be contacted often
Question 4. Your Desired Roles/Position:
Question 6. How many years of experience do you have in your desired role?
Question 7. How many years of experience do you have in total, regardless of the industry or sector?
Question 8. What are your key strengths? Things employers are most interested in, reasons why you've been hired in the past or capabilities that have led to your greatest successes (List 3-5 of your strongest capabilities)?

Example: As a Sales Manager, I've been recruited for my consultative selling, account management and business development skills
Question 9. What are the top 3 reasons why someone should hire you? Please provide concrete examples on how this 'trait' or 'attribute' was used in the past to achieve result
Question 10. Employers. List recent employers from latest to oldest (click ‘Add Employer’ to add details of past employment).
Indicate the field or sector, product or services offered, company size, number of locations, etc.
Start date:
End date:
List down 5 activities and functions for this role.
List down your 3 accomplishments for this role. Be specific. Include measurable results, figures and numbers. Use the CAR framework. Think of the CHALLENGES (C) you faced, the ACTIONS (A) you took, and the RESULTS (R).
Question 13. Education and Formal Training. Please list all universities, institutes and schools you've attended after high school.
Start date:
End date:
Question 14. Certificates, Licenses and Tickets. Please list down all licenses and certificates you have obtained (note: only those that are still valid). Please include the name of the awarding body and expiration date of your licenses.
Start date:
End date:
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